Meet the Team

Owners, operators and bookkeeping dream-team: Amber & Mike

We are passionate about numbers. That’s right, we love spreadsheets, calculations, and creating blissfully balanced books. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of finding that $0.25 that went astray in a bank reconciliation!

For us, bookkeeping just makes sense. At the end of the day your Debits have to match your Credits and having that clarity in a job is wonderful.  You know you’ve done the right thing at the end of the day when all the numbers, like stars, align. 

As a client-centric bookkeeping service, we want to understand your needs, and then work to fill that need. Perhaps you are an established and well informed business owner who needs the repetitive tasks of entering invoices, sending payments and remitting taxes to be taken care of by a detail-oriented Numbers Nerd (that’s us!). 

Maybe your business is suffering because you need some help organizing and understanding your expenses. We can guide you in developing the important financial processes that will form the pillars of the security and stability your business deserves. 

Maybe you are just getting started. Congratulations on taking the leap into self-employment! We can help you start your build on a firm and well-planned foundation. 

Ultimately, our goal at Numbers Nerds is to be part of the inner workings of the amazing businesses we see all around us. We live in Chilliwack, BC, where there has been a boom of inspired, small businesses, that give the city and surrounding region life and character. We want to promote the businesses we work with, and drive success from within.

Aside from being a Full Cycle Bookkeeper, Mike is a Red Seal Warehouse Person and can help you maximize your inventory management. With over 15 years of experience in inventory management and record keeping he will get you organized in no time.

Amber is a Customer Service Master and will ensure you’re taken care of at every step of the process. With 13+ Years of experience working for best-in-class companies, she is there to support you should you need anything at all.

While perhaps lacking skill in the balancing of ledgers, all three of our office assistants (Kia, Lady Daphne and Earl) excel in balancing on the backs of our chairs or sometimes our shoulders.  They always land on their feet, and no red dot stands a chance against them.

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